Saytr Play – ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ | EP review


Saytr Play deliver on their debut EP

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

‘Everyday Since’ is a song that I’d actually written whilst I was single. I wrote about what I wish I had, about finding that one person who changes everything. Through thick and thin. It sounds daft but I never truly understood why I’d written this song until I met her. I remember sitting thinking “f*** now I know who I was on about.”

If Saytr Play’s description of the opening track of their debut EP, ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ doesn’t make you melt, we’re here to reassure you the rest of the record will. Four of the hardest working boys in the business have broken through the solitude of 2020 to deliver a pretty breath-taking body of work.

And it’s sort of the last thing we were expecting from them. Saytr are known for ripping the roof off venues (sometimes metaphorically, sometimes physically), and being a consistent mix of electrifying and captivating. ‘ITIFFTH’ is a far softer, almost painfully intimate offering of what the band has to say – and the lack of noise speaks sheer volumes for what they’re capable of. 

Everyday Since’ has its moment, and makes way for feature track, ‘Future’. Saytr threw away their whisky stained rulebook for this track, and it shows. We’re gifted with the studio version as well as a stripped back acoustic number that allows Fred Farnell’s vocals to carry to the end of the record. It’s a bold move, repeating a track in this way, but it’s a bold EP that proves to be subtle and touching in its own confidence. 

VCR’ is Saytr Play at their finest, and we’ll accept no arguments. The placement of the track is a genius nod to the sound we’re used to from the boys: that perfectly executed, rocky magic sitting pretty amongst a heartfelt tracklist. It’s a cheeky wink on a romantic date night reminding you you fell in love with someone because they keep you on your toes as much as they worship the ground you walk on.


They really, really thought about this EP did Saytr Play.  From first to last, it paints a picture of someone who’s been away wrestling with what they know about themselves, and what they want to find out moving forward. The boys have been away scratching their heads, wondering if being so vulnerable and open in their work would pay off and pave the way for continuing success.

We’d be absolutely amazed if it doesn’t achieve just that.

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