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Noel unearths unreleased Oasis demo track ‘Don’t Stop’

Noel Gallagher took to twitter on Wednesday to announce the release of a new Oasis track. He stumbled upon ‘Don’t Stop’, a demo of a track recorded in Hong Kong 15 years ago, when looking through boxes of “HUNDREDS of faceless unmarked cd’s” and decided to grace Oasis fans with a glimmer of optimism and hope in these uncertain times. 

Sharing the classic melancholic sound of Noel with an acoustic guitar showcased in ‘Talk Tonight’ and ‘Take Me Away’, the song features Beatle-esque acoustic riffs as well as hints of electric guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place on the band’s later albums like ‘Heathen Chemistry’ ‘Don’t Believe The Truth. 

‘Don’t Stop’ is an optimistic and emotional song starring Noel’s muffled voice singing quintessential escapist lyrics, some of which seem perhaps even more relevant and fitting today than when it was originally written, almost as if that track was meant to be found now. 

“Don’t stop your clapping, Don’t stop your laughing, Take a piece of life, It’s alright”. 

Some fans are disappointed that the new track doesn’t feature Liam Gallagher’s raspy voice, but Noel’s vocals are undeniably powerful and magical here as he sings his heart out.

With this new release Noel in all his wisdom reminds us that “though we’re whole worlds apart” “don’t stop being happy”. ‘Don’t Stop’ delivers Oasis fans around the world a much-needed message of promise and assurance and makes for an instant lockdown anthem.

Words by Emma Edwards

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