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larkins are we having any fun yet artwork

Larkins ask an important question in their latest release

Resounding bass lines, infectious synths and layered vocals make up Larkins’ brand new track ‘Are we Having Any Fun Yet?’ – but it’d be wrong to limit the song to just these three things. After the release of their second EP earlier this year, there’s been no messing around for this quartet, who are fast becoming one of the most exciting indie pop bands. 

‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’ combines their previous synth based tracks with a bold, fresh direction that creates a powerful, anthemic song. The instrument use is fairly limited however extremely effective, and the band are clearly the result of an affair between classic bands and modern technology. It’s a win for the modern age, and layers of harmonised vocals create the opportunity for anyone to sing along. ‘He walks home from a second job’ are some of the emotive lyrics as the song depicts the difficulties many face in life through talented vocalist Josh Noble.

Whilst it’s difficult in quarantine, Larkins’ new track ignites hope that we’ll be having lots of fun soon (just think of that first night out…)

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