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Lauran Hibberd’s new track ‘Old Nudes’ takes Single of the Week

Remember when you were a teenager, and there were a lot of trashy grungy boys heartbroken about the girl in the academic year above them?

We spent a lot of our adolescence not understanding boys. (I’m spending a lot of my 20’s understanding them even less).

Fast forward to 2020 (granted, it’s not looking *quite* how we imagined). Low and behold the universe gave us Lauran Hibberd. 

Yknow what we think you’ll love about Lauran? Her total lack of bull shit. This music isn’t conceited, and as daft as it sounds you can really hear how it’s made. Her thought process is easy to follow and that’s why it speaks to us so much. 

Simple melody? Check

Easy to digest pattern? Double check 

Maximum effect? You betcha.

Maybe we’re just suckers for flawlessly made tunes that make us say “that’s exactly how I feel!”, but maybe that’s why we’ve fallen for Lauran so hard.

We’ve had a shit car that we drove past our shit ex in, and we wished we were as achingly, effortlessly cool as “Old Nudes” and Hibberd giving the metaphorical finger to anyone who’s doubted her, or done her dirty. This is Lauran at her hookiest, catchiest best and there’s a pining in my soft punk heart that her music hasn’t existed sooner. 

Loz has joined the Stay At Home army because she’s a good sensible lass at heart and filmed her own music video from the comfort of the rooms in her home. She’s taken the songs we wrote in our fluffy, padlocked notebooks and made it into flow-y and easy to listen tracks that take us back to 2003. 

If Busted has a sexy alternative little sister, it would be Lauran and we’d be bullying our Dads into taking us to queue all day for barrier.

Lauran seems to be in on our attitude, though. Short rhymes and to-the-point lyrics show she’s not trying to make music that’s above us. She’s slamming down a drum track that sits right at home in our bedrooms, too.

And if Ryan from Year 12 still has polaroids of you in a compromising position, listen to this song (screw you, Ryan).

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