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Looking at ‘Some Might Say’ 25 Years on

April 1995. A year previously Oasis had released their debut single Supersonic which charted in the UK charts at 31.

As the year progressed the following 4 singles would chart better than the previous one. The anthem “Live Forever” would see their first top 10 hit and they just missed out on a Christmas number one with “Whatever” 
Chart positions for me are not the be all and end all but this run of singles certainly showed progression in a commercial sense. They had also performed on Later With Jools Holland by this point and had made their first visits to Japan and the USA on tour.

Four months would pass since “Whatever” and the band were busy recording the follow up to the era defining debut album “Definitely Maybe”

As with most Oasis tracks this was a song of hope “Some Might Say we will find a brighter day” it seems like Noel is looking to the future with optimistic lyrics. I’m not sure what relevance fishes and dishes have but who cares, enjoy the song.

This has always been my favourite Oasis single. An infectious riff and one of Liams best vocals. I distinctly remember being in Sheffield on the day they performed the track on Top Of The Pops and rushing home on the train to watch it.

The artwork which is also my favourite sees Liam on a bridge and Noel with a watering can at Cromford Railway station. As the years have passed it’s one of their most iconic pieces of artwork.

The single would be backed by 3 more impressive b sides “Acquiesce, Talk Tonight and Headshrinker”

The single would also be the first hit from upcoming album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

It would also mark the last time that drummer Tony McCarroll would play on any Oasis track.

Words By Lee Bellfield

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