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Saytr Play.

Formed: 2016

Hometown: Manchester 

Genre: Indie/Alternative

For Fans of: Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend

Style really does equate to substance with Manchester based four piece, Saytr Play.

Taking pride of place in the hearts of modern music fans across the country, the Saytr Play boys bring relentless energy and positive messages to every venue they tear the roof off.

Supporting the likes of Busted (really) and seamlessly moving on to their own headlining territory, Saytr Play have been breaking norms and blurring lines in how music is made, how genders are perceived and how bands interact with fans. In their genuine talent and interaction they’ve clocked an impressive 40,000+ streams on Spotify.

2020 will see the release of their debut EP, ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ which will be their first official boy of work in physical form. Saytr Play have created the perfect, unproblematic sound to accompany their other worldly stage presence – and things can only go up from here.





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