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josie preto sliced bread artwork

Josie Proto makes us hungry with the release of ‘Sliced Bread’

It’s not everyday that you stumble across an upbeat breakup song that combines relatable reality with a fun beat, but that is exactly what Josie Proto does in her brand new single ‘Sliced Bread’. Emerging onto the Britpop scene for the first time this year Josie Proto’s second release follows on from the success of her debut single ‘BTEC Lily Allen’, and continues her charismatic charm.

‘Sliced Bread’ features a mixture of optimistic piano, Gameboy effects and witty lyrics to create an infectious track that will conquer breakups. Her lyrics ‘kicking you out was better than sliced bread’ summarises a confidence that we should all consider adopting during difficult times. Josie mentioned how she wanted to write a song for women who ‘deal with situations in an “unlady-like” manner!’ 

The future looks good for Josie Proto, and her likeable charm gives her a relatable streak, but ‘Sliced Bread’ is a completely unique single – think less sliced bread and more gourmet toast.

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