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South Coast Band Back With New Track and Mental Health Campaign

Southampton quartet ‘Myriad’ are back with their latest single ‘I Walk’. There are shades of The 1975-esque electropop here alongside the band’s trademark indie sound, making it yet pulsating addition to the band’s back catalogue.

“My life’s only young/And it doesn’t feel right,” vocalist David Littleton sings over new wave guitars as the track starts off. Despite the upbeat sound, however, ‘I Walk’ has quite a poignant backstory.

Littleton explains: “’I Walk’ is about a teacher I had at my primary school. He was an extremely kind, caring and compassionate man… He was the very first person to suggest to my parents that I might have some kind of musical talent.

One day he wasn’t at school though, and I didn’t really understand why at the time. I’ll always miss the way he would play guitar in assemblies whilst we sang along to songs on the projector. I think this song is a way of making things feel a little better.”

Alongside the release of the track, the band are running a campaign for mental health and suicide awareness and are releasing related a music video.

Check out ‘I Walk’ on Spotify below:

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