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Ranking every KASABIAN album from top to bottom!

Kasabian have been a consistent force in the indie rock scene for the past decade and a half, with a 5 consecutive number one albums in the UK as well as headline slots at various festivals including Isle of Wight in 2018 and Glastonbury in 2014. With rumours of LP 7 around the corner following a bit of a break, it seems time to delve into the Leicester lads catalogue. 

6. 48:13 (2014)

I must confess to not being the greatest fan of this record, it does have its high points without doubt, Stevie and Bumblebee being two examples. Lead single Eez – eeh wears the laddish charm of the group perhaps too much on its sleeve.

While it is good for the group to have moved out of the indie groove somewhat on this record with a more electronic and trip-hop influenced sound it is perhaps an experiment that hasn’t always worked.  Tracks from the record hold up well live and “Treat” is a great live track. 

5. Empire (2006)

This is probably going to be a controversial call for some, and I do enjoy this record however it would not sit at the top of my Kasabian collection. I do of course love “Shoot the runner” and the title track.

It all just feels a bit much at times and is a tad jarring however as with 48:13 this is a solid follow-up to a classic debut, it has perhaps just been eclipsed by what followed it. 

4. For Crying Out Loud (2017)

Overlooked at the time of release I implore fans to give this 2017 LP another go, it is one of the groups most cohesive records, offering a mix of the classic indie sound of the 2000s releases in with some new inspirations and has the groove of classic Talking Heads and Primal Scream.

“Il ray the king” is an absolutely relentless opener and lead single “Your in love with a psycho” is Kasabian on top form.  Other highlights include “Wasted” and “Bless this acid house”. One can hope they continue in this vein when the next album arrives as it is a mix of sounds that the group nails and many of the tunes work incredibly well live. 

3. Velociraptor! (2011)

Again a very good record, this record strangely enough is the groups highest rated on metacritic (make of that what you will). It is a more stripped back affair, but still contains the bombastic laddish sound that all Kasabian albums possess.

“Lets roll just like we used to” and “Goodbye kiss” are some of the best tracks the group has recorded.  Singles “Days are forgotten” and “Re-wired” don’t disappoint either. This is a fantastic followup to the huge sound and success the group found with “West Ryder”. 

2. Kasabian (2004)

An absolutely smashing debut, while the group were clearly finding their feet in places, this is a mature debut leaning more into the electronic sounds they would later return to on 48:13 with less success.

As debut openers go not much beats “Club foot” it is an absolute classic, in fact this album has its fair share of these with “Processed beats and “LSF” still ranking among some of the groups best work and most popular tracks.  Many of the tracks have held up incredibly well over 15 years later.

1. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009)

When I was first getting into Kasabian as a teen this was the record that really did it for me. It just sounds big, in every sense with more riffs and indie disco vibes here than on any other Kasabian album. “Underdog” really kicks things into gear and there is no letting up the amount of hits and big tunes on this record really speaks for itself “Where did all the love go” “Fire” and “Vlad the Impaler” are staples of many an Indie Disco playlist and will doubtless be for years to come.

This record found the lads on top form that they perhaps have struggled to replicate since and is a great showcase for most members, I also feel Serge’s guitar work particularly on riffs cannot be overstated, its one of the great indie records of recent times and makes you want to groove the whole way through. 

Words by Christopher Connor

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