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Talkboy gift us with ‘Feel Again’ and grab Single of the Week

The world is still in a very odd state, with another three weeks of lockdown, music is another form of pass time to keep ourselves sane. Luckily we still have some seriously talented bands and artists releasing music regardless of what is going on, and we’re here with Single of the Week to select our favourite.

This week it’s Talkboy and ‘Feel Again’ which was released this Friday (April 17th). The song features exquisite vocals from vocalists Katie and Calum, who mesh so well on Talkboy tracks (Don’t believe me? go and listen), and ‘Feel Again’ is no different with the balance between the two vocals being perfect.

The retro sound to the song is welcomed, with the subtle use of the piano giving it a slightly upbeat tone contrasting the straight laced vocals from Calum. Also the fuzzy guitar in the background adds a bit more texture to the whole track.

The chorus of “Your love is making me feel again” is simplistic and easy to grasp onto, especially with the harmonies. There’s a cool part at the end of the song where Katie and Calum each take a word from the chorus and sing it, which I enjoyed, would be great to see them perform the song live.

Anyways, that’s it for Single of the Week this time around, hope you’ve all had a good weekend, stay sane, stay safe and stay inside! Love to you all.

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