MOSES – ‘Almost Everything is Bullshit’ | Album Review

moses everything is bullshit artwork

Almost everything is Bullshit, except for MOSES’ debut album.

Throughout the past few years, MOSES have been gaining more and more attention thanks to their fusion of innovative contemporary music and rock and roll. Their previous success has built up to the release of this debut album Almost Everything Is Bullshit – a 10 song record with their most recent anthemic tracks. The quartet from London’s unique take on songwriting and quirky lead singer Victor Moses’ vocals runs steadily throughout the whole album, merging consistency with experimentation. 

The album is embodied by a majority of fast paced, energising indie rock prepared for anyone to dance along to. The beginning of the album jumps straight into songs that have been released over the course of the past year, giving us some familiar sounds. Whether that’s the escalating riffs in ‘You Need L’ accompanied with the thunderous drum beats in ‘Cause You Got Me’, it’s obvious that this band is on the rise. ‘River Thames’ features an acapella opening to showcase just how smooth flowing Moses’ vocals are whilst gradually adding in a new instrument until the chorus explodes with sound for our ears to be delightfully treated too. Slower tracks such as ‘Waiter’ make up for what they lack in pace with craftsmanship and care. It shows that indie rock is more than just fast tempo and can be delivered through unblemished vocals, laborious bass riffs and infectious guitar sounds. 

The brand new tracks don’t let us down either. ‘Crocodile’ encapsulates the quartet’s disruption to the indie rock genre, and sets out to create brand new conventions. A subtle syncopated beat is masked by conventional guitars and their constant perpetuating style is a trademark that MOSES have set out for themselves. Even in moments of limited instruments, our ears are hypnotised by the sounds.

‘Findings’ is a fellow, new, slower, track which features our first exposure to an acoustic guitar. The burst of instruments from the chorus onwards features an exciting combination of a driving bass riff and backing vocals with harmonies, fusing rock with careful songwriting. ‘Give me something that will help me find you’ is one of the emotive lines explored in the chorus, emphasising that this quartet have more depth to reveal. The final track ‘Constantin’ continues from where ‘Findings’ left off, with an acoustic guitar revealing more emotions. This track is the closest to a stripped back song with vocals and a simple guitar throughout the whole track. It is effective, and reflects the mourning of a relationship – ‘I didn’t know to show you love’. These tracks allow MOSES to prove themselves not only in anthemic indie rock, but also in more careful, emotive music.

‘Almost Everything Is Bullshit’ is an ode to those ‘fighting everyday to keep the “ALMOST” alive’, and it’s clear that whilst the world faces uncertain times, MOSES’ album is certainly not bullshit.

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