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Jack Conman keeps it sweet and earns Single of the Week

We’ve said it before and there’s no doubt we’ll say it again, but when in doubt we tend to turn to Jack Conman. We’re not sure if his music is a chronological narrative, but it’s cohesively beautiful and we’re glad he’s back with “Sweet Julia.”

It’s a bit of smooth sexiness in a shitty time. Yknow whats still universal? A relentless need to be loved. We can ignore it or push it to the back of our minds to focus on a bigger task at hand, sure. “Sweet Julia” is a bit of acoustic normality on a time where we’re forgetting what day of the week it is.

We love it when Jack drops a backing vocal – in a similar thread to “Make Me Laugh,” he’s gone out on a limb to compliment his thoughtful, husky tones with a female counterpart in a happy, optimistic twist that welcomes more instruments and a broader sound.

jack conman singer

Our feelings are still valid, and you’re still allowed to be a confused and let down 20 something year old during a pandemic. Our lives have gone on pause but our minds haven’t, and we’ve been left yearning for the same validation inside a smaller space. It‘s pretty crap, and Jack’s tunes are a sunny remedy. 

Conman’s lyrics paint a crystal clear image of the song’s protagonist, the day dreamy Julia. He’s found himself back in a situation of wanting to care for someone but not knowing where to draw the line. His new mellow tune is a perfect tonic to a scorching weekend we can’t get a hold of, much like the the feeling Jack is still searching for… and that’s something we’re all probably guilty of.

Jack’s music always sounds like a journey, but a journey we aren’t carrying extra baggage for. We’re there figuring it out with him, and this is a section we never thought we’d find ourselves in.

Still sounds bloody wonderful though, doesn’t it?

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