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Hunger Moon release new track ‘Patience’

West Midlands bands and artists have been extremely busy over this last period, and duo Hunger Moon are one of those bands. The duo consist of the talented musician James Attwood and the vocally gifted Natalie Jenkins, combining to make a unique partnership.

Together they make some truly ear catching music, with each of them understanding the other and how to accentuate their key musical features. The composition of their songs are often subtle and delicate, but this wonderfully gives Natalie room to push her vocals and not clash head on with the instruments.

Patience’ very much showcases this, with Natalie’s vocals very much at the forefront of the song with a perfect bed of music underlying. The due know exactly when to speed the song up and throw the melody into a whirlwind, where once again the balance of vocals and music are expertly executed.

Another great release from the pair, hopefully we can look forward to a collection of songs being released this year may be in the form of an EP?

Listen to ‘Patience’ on Spotify below.

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