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A quick look back at Oasis’ Iconic track ‘Supersonic’

“I need to be myself, I can’t be no one else”

A statement of intent from a band who in their 18 year career personified a “this is us, take it or leave it attitude.”

‘Bring It On Down ‘was originally intended to be the first single from the Manchester band. A statement of intent itself it was swapped for this psychedelic little ditty.

Lyrics such as “I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic and can I ride with you in your BMW, you can sail with me in my yellow submarine” are nonsensical but 26 years later are sung around the world at Liam gigs and indie clubs around the world. A bona-fide defiant anthem. Apparently the girl called Elsa who’s into Alka Seltzer is a dog.

As would be customary with Oasis, the single would be backed by 3 amazing b sides “I Will Believe“, “Take Me Away” and a charming angelic demo version of album track “Columbia“. All songs are good enough to be singles in their own right. Something we would be saying throughout their career.

The single would chart at a modest 31 in the UK charts on but it was the beginning of a crazy journey played in the music press and the front pages of the tabloids.

Words by Lee Bellfield.

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