Egyptian Blue – ‘Body of Itch’ | EP Review

egyptian blue body of itch ep cover

Egyptian Blue got the itch and released their second EP

After a successful first EP, Egyptian Blue approached the daunting task of releasing their second EP ‘Body of Itch’ with ease, and the finished product is a love song to all post punk bands. 2019 saw the Brighton quartet support the likes of The Murder Capital and YAK, alongside All Points East which was headlined by The Strokes. 

‘Body of Itch’ is made up of three rhythm pounding, anger fuelled tracks protesting against the mundanity of day to day life. ‘Nylon Wire’ is the first track on the EP and will make your eardrums stand on edge, setting up the rest of the EP’s gritty sound. There’s always something to keep your ears entertained, whether that’s the intoxicated electric guitar, the exhilarating vocals or the frenzied drums. It was inspired by ‘snapshots of conversations heard during a night out that trigger emotions you thought were safely locked away’, and each of the instruments mirror an unfolding of these packed away emotions. 

Photo by Piran Aston Music Photography

Previously an unreleased track, ‘Four Is The Last Four’ relates to the common struggles of a vicious, mundane cycle of life. It follows the lead of the other tracks with a tense rhythm. Lyrics ‘you clock in you clock out’ emphasises the suffocating requirements of working in order to live. The song features repeated refrains throughout, and is a live reflection of a relatable struggle that sadly too many of us understand.

‘Never’ features irregular, rough riffs and has a middle section that repeats the word ‘deception!’ in an attack on fake news and propaganda. Double the vocals on ‘deception’ creates double the power and will encourage crowds to chant along causing awareness and (hopefully) immunity against fake news.

‘Body of Itch’ embodies Egyptian Blue’s robust approach to post punk, and battles with issues of modernity with demands for change.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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