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Saytr Play’s ‘VCR’ give us Single of the Week while we’re stuck inside!

Hear us out. 

We’re going to tell you about how criminally underrated Saytr Play are. We’re going to write about the fact we’ve been pleading with them to drop ‘VCR’ since we first saw them live, and how the song is the very epitome of the grungey, endearingly phenomenal band they are.

But let’s start with a moment to say how important ‘VCR’s video is.

Where the Saytr boys could have stuck to their regimented aesthetic, they didn’t. A band who are quickly becoming the heart and soul of the Manchester music scene turned the lens to their fan base and told them they missed them.

Frontman Fred Farrell turned the (literal) isolation of social media on its head and asked for contributions from fans, quarantining at home to be part of the official music video. In a simple message and some quick editing, we were injected with each other’s company again. We had happiness, company and a brand new track to celebrate. 

Saytr Play have been stopping us in our tracks since we discovered what they were capable of. It’s not just the incredible, really original music they’re bringing and it’s not even the unforgettable live shows. It’s the capability to make you feel something where before, you were scared of feeling nothing. There’s been a community growing in their music long before it was united on a screen.

The band describe the song as an ode to being born in the wrong era, in ‘selling VCR in a digital age’, and still managed to turn our culture of being online ‘24/7, 365’ into a positive thing. It’s the perfect prerequisite to their upcoming debut EP, ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ – and sound like exactly what we needed to hear.

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