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Polo release their first track of the 2020 with ‘Witch Hunt’

Y’know what we love about Polo? Their music is so powerfully about a message, and so rarely about personal promotion. ‘Witch Hunt’ is completely unapologetic in addressing social and economic issues, showing Polo will rest for absolutely no one. We sort of love them for that.

Our favourite bewitching trio have brought a whole campaign with their best single yet: taking responsibility for the state of the environment. The whole world has so many battles to fight on a daily basis, we’ve started over-looking the world we’re fighting for. ‘Witch Hunt’ is a stark, dark wakeup call that we’re a society quickly running out of time.

The song’s reputation has been proceeding it for the better part of a year. The only thing we love more than a new Polo track is Polo live, and the track has been a pivotal point in their set list.  It’s a clear, progressive move from the percussive and earthy sounds of their ‘Alice’ EP, showing that they’ve become a band who are accomplished and confident in what they can produce. (And that maybe it’s time for EP Number 2. Please. Hint hint nudge nudge).

Kat McHugh’s vocals speak for themselves – but then again, when don’t they? There’s a reason ‘Witch Hunt’ is being hailed as possibly Polo’s most clever track to date. McHugh’s taken her time to think through every husky, electric syllable and in their isolation against a sweet and shrill musical bed… they’re pretty close to perfect.

Above all else, Polo can write a hook as if their life depended on it. Witch Hunt sounds good, is on brand and continues to break social norms in its message and videography. It’s exactly what we love from them, and we love this.

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