The Royston Club – ‘This State I’m In’ | EP Review

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What state is the debut EP from The Royston Club in?

Bringing a slither of joy to our current bleak situation, The Royston Club have just released their first EP ‘This State I’m In’ as the perfect distraction. The indie quartet have been attracting more and more fans with their infectious tracks and relatable lyrics, and this EP’s four tracks are extremely promising. 

The first song ‘Young’ is an appeal to anyone who is (or was) young, and the relatable struggles everyone faces. The lyrics ‘I’m only older when it suits me’ discusses the difficult decisions all young people have to tackle in a humorous and lighthearted manner. Paired with a forward-pushing drum beat and compelling guitar riffs, this track constantly looks to the future.

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Tracks ‘Believe It or Not’ and ‘Mariana’ were both released prior to this EP, but that doesn’t make them any less welcome as a to treat our ears. ‘Believe It Or Not’ features The Royston Club’s distinct sound, and lead singer Tom Faithfull’s unmistakably clear vocals. ‘Mariana’ follows the previous song’s patterns, and the lads’ genius lyrics mixed with carefully thought out arrangements is the perfect recipe for their anthem ready songs. It’s a love letter in the form of a head bopping track which has the danger to bring out your best dad dancing moves.

Tangled Up’ reveals a slower, softer side of the quartet showcasing a more vulnerable angle before the beat drops and the drums are introduced. It’s proof that The Royston Club are capable of more than just their loud, infectious tunes and gives us an idea of future tracks that we could hear.

The Royston Club discuss youth and love in their relevant debut EP, and bring some comfort despite (cue pun) this state we’re in.

Solid debut in tough times.

Listen to the debut EP from The Royston Club on Spotify below!

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