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Brain Food speak to WFM after releasing their self-titled Second EP!

So your second, self titled EP was released on March 13th, how have you found the process this time around?

Recording this EP was really fun, this time around we recorded with Mark Gittins of Megatone Recording Studio in Digbeth, so not too far from home for us. Dave McCabe of DMC Recordings handled the mastering for us – Dave’s been a great support since the first EP and works from Muthers Studio which is where we’re also based so it just made sense and was really convenient having it done in what we consider to be our home. We’re blessed to be surrounded by so many talented producers.

A lot of bands struggle the second time around when recording an EP, was this the case for you?

Not really, having done everything in house with our drummer Connor for the first EP, going to Megatone was a rather relaxed experience in contrast. All the material was written and we managed to finish the recording, including some live recordings for Poseidon and Canyon Crawler, in just a handful of sessions. Mark is a really well respected engineer and producer locally and has some really great equipment for us to play with which really helped improve the quality of our sound on the record. The sessions were really fun, and we had our friend Radek Kubiszyn in for the first one to take some photos which turned out great, so we used some of them to make a photo book insert for the physical EP. 

It must be a relief to be finally releasing the EP and getting to play the songs live, is there any song in particular you enjoying playing live and why?

Yes definitely – it’s been a long time coming and the build up has got us really excited and jamming regularly. We actually started the recording process for the EP way back in March last year, so it’s taken almost a year from inception to release. We’ve been playing a long run of live shows in that time, and not all of the songs off the record were included in our live sets as we’ve since written a fair amount of new material. It’s been great relearning those tracks and adding reimagined sections not included on the EP, which is testament to how far we have developed as musicians individually and as a band since the recording sessions. We love to play Posiedon and Canyon Crawler as one song which is something we’ve been doing live for a while now – it works out to somewhere around 14 minutes and really develops into a crunchy, jammy, proggy, echoey ball of noise as the songs go on. We find playing them together is a great way to kick our live shows off, and creates a really good energy to get people moving.

The Birmingham music scene is quite vibrant at the moment, which acts do you think stand out and is there any we should keep an eye on?

Of course Cave Girl and Exhaler go without saying. Newcomers Doxa are one to look out for, featuring members of former Birmingham prog-rock heavyweights The Mothers Earth Experiment, a band we really love and were gutted to see split up last year. Also shout out to local favourites The Cosmics, Table Scraps, Black Mekon, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, Cherry Pickles, God Damn, Homeowner, Tremorsz, Robert Craig Oulton and Swampmeat Family Band.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to answer these! Last question, which record releases are you looking forward to this year?

We’ve heard rumours of potential new albums by Fuzz, Parquet Courts and Khruangbin, so that’s enough to set our pulses racing. They say you’re never six months to a year away from a release by Oh Sees, Ty Segall or King Gizzard; so anything from them would be an absolute treat, as well as the Gizzard movie, Chunky Shrapnel, due out 3rd of April.

Listen to their brand new EP Brain Food below on Spotify!

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