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Big Ginger Kid return with ‘Pleasures’

Being in a band can be incredibly stressful and frustrating at times, and I think this may have been the case for Big Ginger Kid as they release their first track in 3 Years. After a successful hearing with their debut EP Wonderbread the band took some time on the bench and had a bit of a shuffle. After two members leaving we are now left with the duo of Luke Pritchard and Alex Williams.

Pleasures’ is the first track the band have released with the new setup, and after grafting away in a bedroom studio they’ve come up with something different. In their debut EP the fast paced guitar riffs were at the forefront of the tracks, however a tuneful piano now takes that spot.

The song is heavily laced with synths and atmospherics with Pritchard’s vocals sounding as solid as ever. The song is neat and well constructed, with clap machines and a deaft drum beat it can clearly be heard that the band has turned a corner, regarding their style. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to draw links to MGMT as the song features similar elements along with smart production. Hope to hear more from the band soon as it has been while, something we’ll be looking out for here at WFM.

Listen to Big Ginger Kid’s brand new track ‘Pleasures’ below.

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