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TalkMore receive first Single of the Week for ‘sadsadsad’

Can’t pretend that March hasn’t been a first of it’s kind, can we? Things might have changed from the time of typing this review to the minute it’s published – and we run a pretty tight ship at Word For Music. 

We needed a nudge in the right direction from TalkMore. And they gave us ‘sadsadsad’.

There have been a lot of changes for Yorkshire’s finest line up. Alex Townsley has taken time out to look after his new born daughter, and you can almost hear the support from the rest of the band in this track. It harks back to the earlier mellow sounds of ‘Heart Again’ when TalkMore were truly defining who they were.

Fast forward to ‘sadsadsad’, and we have a band defined in genre, sound and an impressive stance in the industry. It shouts louder than their humble beginnings and nods confidently to how far they’ve come in such a short space of time. 

Daisy Allen is queen of our time and we won’t hear any different. ‘Sadsadsad’ has kept the trademarks we’ve come to know and love from her vocals, and it feels more than ever that they’re weaving their way into our worries and lulling them away. 

Look, we’ve all got a lot to think about at the moment. That’s a pretty global truth. And we can only imagine his tune was penned in simpler times where going outside for the sake of it wasn’t deemed ambitious. In amongst all the madness, we’ve got this smooth oasis of Allen’s vocals – a dreamy juxtaposition of tenderness on TakMore’s grungey back drop. This track isn’t an immediate answer or apology to the shit show we’re having to call modern life  – it’s a well produced, thought though and no less than stunning reminder that whatever you need to allow yourself to feel, that’s completely fine. You’re not the only one, and you’re valid.

There has to be a lot of power in a track to resonate that message, right?

Masters of an outro, TalkMore will forever close a song by hitting you where it hurts. We don’t know too many bands who pay such delicious, meticulous attention to how each track ends – and our favourite foursome give the track enough space to play out and sit soundly on our playlists.

Give yourself four minutes of headspace this week. It’s okay to be sadsadsad.

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