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Lady Bird get Single of the Week with ‘Got Lucky’

Sunday once again rolls around, urging us to pick a track for single of the week and this time around it’s punk trio Lady Bird!

They released new track ‘Got Lucky’ on March 20th giving us something to help pull us trough this difficult time we all find ourselves in at the moment. This track follows the release of ‘Shag Tally Tastic’ in 2019, yet the latest release seems slightly more polished but still full of unique charisma.

The delivery of the vocals have a casual tone to them, as lead singer Sam Cox pushes the lyrics in your face. The song blends genres as the vocals wouldn’t sound out of place if they featured on hip hop release, but the guitars are evidently punk with coordination. They drive the song forward, with this catchy repetitive riff which would cause a stomp out in front of a live audience.

Well that’s it for Single of the Week, hope you enjoyed our choice and be sure to check in next week! Stay safe everyone!

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