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crying beauty queens darling

Crying Beauty Queens release ‘Darling’

Quite possibly their most infectious single to date, Crying Beauty Queens have just released their fourth track ‘Darling’, and it looks promising for the alt rock trio. Hailing from Manchester, Crying Beauty Queens are fairly new to the music scene but have created a loyal fanbase and an encouraging musical portfolio in the two years they have been releasing music.

‘Darling’ is described by the trio as a song about ‘being too scared to fall in love’, and it ‘tells a story of reassurance and comfort in the hope that your love for that person could be reciprocated.’ The contrast between lead singer Jordan’s delicate, gentle voice with the forceful supporting instruments is a compelling basis for a song that will encourage everyone to dance along. Each musician has their own moment to shine and the balance between each element is perfect, as the drums’ bold beats assist the bass’ sharp rhythm and the guitars strong riffs. That’s not forgetting the lyrics, which speak of fear and hope at the same time such as ‘in my head you’re perfect but you don’t realise’. 

Crying Beauty Queens’ fourth single is an emotion fuelled track proving that they are on the rise. 

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