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Catching up with Cassia about their debut and 2020!

Hello guys, thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions, really appreciate it when bands do this!

So it’s nearly been a year since your debut Replica which seems crazy to say. How do you feel about the reception the album got, how do you feel it all went?

– It was great to see the fans reactions and them singing a full album back to us was amazing. Also now we can say that we’ve got a top 40 debut album and saw a lot of amazing places because of it and its allowed us to play in the same rooms as some of the artists we grew up with. 

This was combined with a pretty lengthy touring schedule making 2019 a pretty mad year for the band, did you find any time to write music and get back into the studio during all this?

I didn’t get as much music written as I would’ve hoped, but it was a key thing for us as a band to really tour heavily. The moment we came off tour we felt like we had a lot to talk about. 

So with an album under your belt, how did you approach the recording process for this new track, did it make it easier or was it the same as ever?

– It was much easier, because we all moved to Berlin into the same house and we were much more productive and didn’t mess around as much. We weren’t touring so we had much more time on our hands for some extensive Forrest walks and long night studio sessions. 

Will the release of ‘Do Right’  see the band  step into a different direction, or is it classic old Cassia?

– It’s up to you to decide 😉 

Sure you will be touring this year at some point, during last year, did you come across any bands that caught your attention?

– A lot of our support acts were really interesting. Jeremias who supported us around Germany were great. Also came across Jeremy Loops for the first time last year. Ironically I ended up later that year writing “Do Right” at his house in Cape Town 

This release comes quite early on in 2020, what else do you look forward to doing throughout 2020?

– I look forward to some more obsessive writing periods in our new and growing studio in Berlin. Also looking forward to our first summer in Berlin as a band! And of course looking forward to coming back home to England and playing bigger stages at great festivals. 

Finally, thanks for doing this.  Last question, which record release are you looking forward to this year?

Think I heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing an album this year. That would be great!  

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