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the marias hold it together single cover

The Marias finally give us something new with ‘Hold it Together’

One thing The Marias can do is hold it together, which is fitting as they release new track ‘Hold it Together’, their first track of 2020. The LA based band have been gifting us with music since 2017, and this latest instalment is to die for.

The guitar riff alone is groovy enough, but with those dream-dripping vocals delivered from the voice of Marie Real is just something to idolise (as I stand in the mirror mouthing the words). The song is extremely soulful, much like many of their previous releases as it stands up to their already high standards. The tracks slow-melodic pace walks to it’s own beat you can feel your day slow down as the sting is slightly taken out and you relax. Try it!

Although The Marias haven’t announced any tour dates yet, we urge you to hold it together and wait ever so patiently, because when they come round you’ll want to be at that gig, singing this song.

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