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Clams release new track ‘Come Back Home’

Come Back Home’ is the new release from Clams. The track has already received great merit from the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Rockfeedback and Logo Magazine, and marks the solidification of a rousing comeback for the band. Accompanied by two new members, their new album, ‘Stone Lane’, is due out on 3rd April.

There was some journey to get the track’s production to where it is now. From originally starting as a purely ‘instrumental’ track, ‘once the vocal melody came in’, the band knew they ‘had a song’, and in fact, it’s one that stands out as a fusion as ‘if grunge and Motown had a baby’

The track also expels a satisfying guitar solo laid across retro keys which scream rock and roll meets 70s classic rock, taking a step away from the original ‘fuzzed up guitars, big riffs and hard hitting songs’ of Clams original incarnation in the early 2000s. It appears the addition of lead guitar and keys from Jon and Leeroy, respectively, has really given them reign to dip their toes into a new realm of high-energy sound.

Lyrically, ‘Come Back Home’ addresses ‘the problems many of [us] experience’. In part, it centres on ‘how things and people in life can try and drag you down’, expressing this notion through lyrics such as ‘People keep knocking on my door, wanting things that I cannot give’ as ‘Everyone in the whole wild world wants a piece of the pie’. 

However, these ideas are juxtaposed by a more positive outlook, the band explaining that in life, ‘one day you realise you can call bullshit, and you get yourself back together and celebrate’, as the track simultaneously acknowledges life’s ‘brilliance’. For instance, as the song progresses, Rich proclaims ‘Running on empty, but I fill right back up’ as he assures us that the ‘whole damn thing’s gonna work out’, with this positivity really being pushed along with a nod to the 80’s classic, Footloose, in the form of the catchy line, ‘Get loose/Everybody get loose’.

So, what a comeback. We can only cross our fingers for the release of ‘Stone Lane’ and hope it’s ‘varied breadth of songwriting’ catches our attention in the same way. 

Catch Clams live!

3rd April – The Anvil Rockbar, Bournemouth – Album Launch Party

2nd May – Teddy Rocks Festival, Blandford Forum

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