Nova Twins – ‘Who are the Girls?’ | Album Review

Nova Twins prove that a debut album can mean everything

At the end of 2019, every blog, magazine and music-based twitter account were naming the bands and artists that they thought would seize 2020 and make it their year. For me, it was a given that it would be Nova Twins who would make this their time. Two months in and they have proved me right with the release of their rampageous debut album, ‘Who Are The Girls?’

I picked up on the dynamic duo last year, thanks to their DIY outfits and straight up badass look. Of course, female fronted is not a genre and it should never define the music, but as a young woman supporting the modern punk scene, it’s inevitably exciting to see two ladies absolutely crushing the game the way Amy and Georgia are. It was love at first listen, as I’m an absolute sucker for a dominant fuzzy bass. The now four year old self-titled EP served as a teasing appetizer, prepping the ears for the highly anticipated main.

‘Who are the girls?’ sets out to answer just that. Unapologetically brash, Nova Twins establish themselves as a force of sheer power. They effortlessly merge punk and grime, pairing crushing bass perfectly with bold and commanding vocals. Each track presents a new energy, caught and suspended into recordings for our listening pleasure. You can feel their passion and enjoyment for what they create bubbling out from your speakers. ‘Bullet’ in particular stands out, calling out dodgy men who don’t stay in their place. It incorporates a tasteful take on the dreaded catcall whistle, while Amy mockingly snarls ‘I talk about my dick because my brain is fucking slow’ and  proclaims ‘Its my body, it’s my mind, I do what I want with it’. It’s just straight up empowering.

Superb debut.

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