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calva louise band press shot
Photo by Chris Driver

Calva Louise jump in their Camino and snag SOTW

Every week there’s new songs released, and we find it necessary to select the one which deserves some extra plaudits. This week it’s Calva Louise and their first track of 2020 with ‘Camino’.

After releasing their debut album Rhinoceros in 2019, the band have received some well deserved praise for the release as well as for their live shows. So what does ‘Camino’ mean for the band? Well it doesn’t mean too much in the sense of a change of direction musically, it’s still bold, brass and centralising Jess’ stunningly unique vocals. However, their a slight shift in sound.

Their debut album was guitar heavy, whereas this track starts with some heavy synths – setting the tone for the rest of the track. Combine this with the vocals, you have an ‘in your face’ introduction to it all. New elements have been introduced into the bands arsenal, giving them some more direction to pull their music into.

The heavy sci-fi mood to it all feels like a new theme the band are constructing for their next big release which would be interesting. The cover of the single itself features a new looking world, which could potentially exist out in space.

So that wraps up this weeks SOTW, if you have any suggestions for next week, please send them forward to so we can take a listen!

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