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the novus frosty single cover

Things get dark with The Novus’ new release ‘Frosty’

Frosty, frosty, frosty – The Novus best track to date. There was a lot of build up to their first track of 2020, and after listening to it once you can hear why. The track has a wild guitar lead on it, which is an instant hook into the madness.

The sound seems to have been born out of the basement and existing in the underground for years. The grimey feel to it all has a vibrant raw edge on it. Conors vocals are once again on point, along with the charisma he throws across all of it.

This seems like the band have turned a bit of corner regarding their sound, as it doesn’t really resemble anything from their previous releases. However this marks an interesting point for them, I can’t wait for them to flesh it out further.

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