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Strange Bones start 2020 strong with ‘Underdogs’ release

Every Sunday WFM chooses a single which has stood out through the week. This week Strange Bones take the spoils with ‘Underdogs’. 2019 was eventful, with the release of Blitz Part 1 and several successful live shows – some we had the chance to tag along too.

Undercover’ is brash, in your face and very loud. The intro starts with a phone call which can slightly throw you off, then you hear it. Blast! (What sounds like) lazers, imposing drums and vocals which kick your ears off – in a good way.

The song features vocals from Calva Louise lead singer Jess Allanic, which adds a different flavour to the track. ‘Underdogs’ was produced by lead singer Bobby Bentham, so the band had their hands all over it, gearing it into the exact direction they wanted it to go . This will be showcasing on Blitz Part 2 which will be released on April 10th, which will be the follow on from last years EP.

Strange Bones continue to push their own boundaries, constantly evolving in a consistent manor. They’re already one of the best kept secrets in music – but with releases like this it won’t be long until everyone wants a slice on the Strange Bones pies.

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