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Saytr Play release new track ‘Future’

Future’ is the latest release from Manchester’s indie-pop outfit, Saytr Play. The new track is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘IN TRUTH I FEAR FOR THE HEART’, and has already gained great support from BBC Introducing Manchester and comes as the quintet have announced several live performances, including slots at Un-Convention Manchester next month and Hit The North in May. 

The track begins powerfully, with the band quite literally taking on the future. It begins with a vocal reminiscent of a gospel style, but simultaneously appears to be inspired by ‘All These Things That I Have Done’ by The Killers (a unique cross-over only these lads could pull off). This is used to deliver what comes to be the chorus, ‘If this is what it feels like to be the future, I feel so sorry for the youth/Running around as the bombs hit the ground’. Lead singer, Fred’s, vocals are beautifully complemented by a soft, back grounded production for the first 25 seconds or so with the incorporation of synths which not only foreground the lyrics, but really packs the introduction with emotion. 

A more spritely, indie synth centric production doesn’t take long to kick in as the band introduces more musical elements as the track progresses. But, stunning vocals remain foregrounded as, in Fred’s typical sultry, regional style, it’s claimed that, ‘Forgotten people gather round/They’re asking questions, will we be found?/ Forgotten people walk the streets so peacefully/All the speakers wanna know, will they hear that voice they love?/Forgotten people gather round so peacefully’. Common fears for the future in a world of increasing uncertainty are beautifully expressed through the track’s honest, raw lyrics. Much like their November release, Honest Man’ it’s clear that ‘they’re playing their most direct message’, something which is most definitely paying off.

In this same vein, ‘Future’ also explores further concerns of today, including religion and other means of coping with such issues by using things like drugs as distractions. This is evident in, ‘Did you see it?/The light shining up from above/Was it God or was it drugs?/Finding something lost’, the track really pushing sentiments intrixably relevant to their upcoming EP’s title as it addresses many ‘fear[s] of the heart’.

In short, the track’s release not only sets the bar for their EP, but also proves the band has a bright ‘future’ ahead of them! 

Catch the Saytr Play boys live! 

28th February – Sunbird Records, Darwen

6th March – Un-Convention, Manchester 

14th March – The Zanzibar, Liverpool

28th March – Camden Rocks All Dayer, The Lounge 666, Archway London

3rd May – Hit The North, Newcastle

15th August – 110 Above, Leicester

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