Pizzagirl – ‘Cape Canaveral’ | New Music

pizzagirl cape canaveral single cover

Pizzagirl looks to keep momentum with ‘Cape Canaveral’

2019 was an absolute whirlwind for Pizzagirl, with him releasing a bunch of new music, releasing an album, and going on tour – pretty much all in one year. The things is with this, once you have all that momentum you want to keep it up, and he has.

Cape Canaveral’ is the first track Pizzagirl has released this year, where he once again comes with the a catchy riff, simplistic lyrics and mind eating melodies. He maintains that retro feel and vibe to the track, which most of his releases have, and is one of the magnetic forces towards his music.

There’s something quite gripping about Pizzagirl, the way his artwork looks, his photos and I dare say live performances as they all are really strong and play into this persona he’s built. Not to say he looks like a star, but he for sure stands out. Also his music is consistently good, like this – enjoy.

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