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kid kapachi band press shot by anabasismedia
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Kid Kapichi release new track ‘Thugs’

Kid Kapichi have released their first track of the decade in ‘Thugs’, setting the tone for the rest of the year. The boot stomping filled song has a punky feel to it, with the same in your face tone as IDLES as lead singer Wilson chants: “They call us thugs / every time we cause a fuss / they call us thugs /every time we kick up dust“.

The band sound like they’re edging up for a fight with the war cry “You want a war / we’ll give you war” aimed towards those on the righter side of the spectrum, backed with the lyrics “You blame our problems on the poor“. The track sees the band dip their toes in political waters giving the track some depth making all the more better to listen to.

Last year they released the track ‘Sardines’, which is in the similar vein to this release yet this one just edges it. Looking forward to seeing what Kid Kapichi can do this year as they head out on tour in March around the UK and Europe.

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