The Blinders – ‘Circle Song’ | SOTW

The Blinders band photo by sam crownston
Photo by Sam Crowston

The Blinders first track of 2020 deservedly earns SOTW

The much anticipated return of The Blinders after their triumphant debut album Columbia has finally arrived, and it’s sweet. 2019 was a quiet year for the trio regarding releasing music, releasing tracks which already featured on the album. However this was necessary as they took some time to play some shows, continue to grow their audience and of course record some new music.

Circle Song’ sees the band take on a more dark mellow side, as it looks like the days of Johnny Dream may have finally come to an end. But fear not. The song is another thoughtful instalment in The Blinders catalogue, as their songwriting prowess takes another step forward in the right direction. With a nod to Bowie and a line on how the birds are doomed to sing unheard, the lyrics are once again a key feature. The simplistic melody to the track goes around and around (much like a circle), which is tied up nicely with a stinging solo.

Often the hardest thing for a band is take a step into another direction, and fleshing out their sound. The Blinders have done this with ease on this track – and there’s no doubt when the new album hits us on May 8th it will be even more of what we wanted from them.

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