Little Strange – ‘Loving Only Gets you Down’ | New Music

little strange loving only gets you down single cover

Love only gets you down on Valentines day

Little Strange have released their first track of 2020, and it’s a swooning success. ‘Loving Only Gets You Down’ sounds like it was conceived out of a T-Rex womb, as the riff creeps up next to you and find it’s way into your conciousness.

It really has a throwback feel to it, but with a clean slate of production on it. The simple melody and over driven guitar plays a key role in the track, combining itself with the complimentary vocals. Rightly so that this track could only be released on valentines day, just to put a negative spin on the love-sunk day – which will be welcomed by many.

The band are still quite fresh, so to hear something this refined and headstrong so early on is convincing. Looking forward to hear more from the band throughout the year, clearly they have ideas of where they wanna go!

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