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The strands band photo by will gorman
Photo by Will Gorman

The Strands release their first track of the Year!

Being recognised as an indie rock band in the 21st century is a task which requires having a great sound to turn the heads (and ears) of the listeners. However, The Strands are proving that it might be easier than we think, as they make their 2020 debut after bringing their music to our ears for the first time last year. The quartet from Sunderland ended the year on a high, supporting fellow upcoming innovative band Larkins in Newcastle.

The Strands’ fourth single ‘Made of Art’ is just as upbeat and bubbly as their previous singles, with a slightly more edgy feel to the track. Cascading guitar riffs are heard from the opening second, creating a stadium-ready atmosphere. Lead singer Dean’s vocals are fresh and sung in complete clarity, leaving no question as to what he’s trying to say. Each of the elements is then used in the pre-chorus in order to build the tension, before the chorus kicks off and we are spoilt to a feast of sounds. 

Listening to The Strands’ new single is an art form in itself, and they should be getting ready for bigger and better things this year. 

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