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King No on not willing to sacrifice my life single cover

We’re not sure if 2020 is ready for King No One

We feel like we’ve said ‘King No-One are back with their best track to date’ every single since Alcatraz – and yet, here we are again completely in awe of ‘Not Willing To Sacrifice My Life’. It’s a brand new dynamic from last year’s release of their debut EP, ‘Out Of My Mind’ and it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

NWTSML sounds immediately different to the heavier, guitar centric music we’ve known from KNO in its first 30 seconds. It’s flirtier, perkier and punkier and with a bigger focus on sound manipulations and synth (that they’re quickly becoming the unsung heroes of), this is fresh from North Yorkshire.

It’s a true, light hearted testament to their evolution of sound. You can hear every second of their transition from up-and-coming indie darlings to fully fledged musicians over what’s been a pretty busy year for James, Joe and Zach. They’ve joined forces with music rebels Scruff Of The Neck and that’s maybe where the sheer magnitude of NWTSMY has come from  – they’re on a brand new platform and absolutely nothing can hold them back.

Has Zach Lount pressed in as many words as possible to the narrative of the track? Of course he has. Would we change a single thing about how King No-One curate their literature on top of each unique track they lay down? Absolutely not. It’s clever and it’s not really comparable to anything we’ve heard in quite some time.

It’s the staggeringly well-produced, unpredictable genius we’ve come to know and love from three of the hardest working boys in the business. 

Possibly all the better because we’re not sure even King No-One know how big of a year they’re about to have. If you could bottle and sell emotional anticipation, this band would be millionaires (though, they’d probably still be drinking in Jimmyz). 

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