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Nervous Pills release their first track of 2020

While It Spins is latest release from Sheffield-based trio Nervous Pills, following their distinctly-named single Necrophilia last October. After a successful year of gigs and festivals, including a headline single release show and support for False Heads, JOHN (TIMES TWO), and Heavy Lungs, these guys are well and truly ready to carry their punk noise and dirty riffs into 2020. 

The track greets us with the band’s distinctive whirring guitar sound, with this distorted intro quickly being met by heavy bass and powerful drums. Being reflective of the title, there is something mesmerising about the oscillating verses which spin and fluctuate in their sound, carried along by a rolling riff, and paired with vocalist Harry’s Yorkshire drawl. Opening lyrics of ‘all the clouds are burning and the daylight is gone’, introduce an abstract theme that becomes clearer throughout the song as it progresses towards its chorus. Here, the undulating verses are broken up in a punchy and satisfyingly catchy fashion, with lyrics ‘wide eyes, you’re hypnotised, while it spins, watch it die’. Whilst the hypnotising, almost haunting, verses mirror the idea that we are so distracted from the real world, the impactful chorus breaks through to remind us how controlling the TV and media can actually be.

Cutting through dark guitars that channel the moody sounds of Drenge’s ‘Undertow’ album, lyrics such as ‘I read it online just like all the rest’ and ‘I know too little’, touch upon how easily the media can influence our thoughts and opinions, from politics to music and fashion, where we become stuck in a frustrating cycle of not knowing who or what to believe. In light of how the media can easily scare us, the track suddenly changes tempo, speeding up in a manic fashion, with some stunning drum work and a majestic bass riff interlude.  

As the track simmers down, Nervous Pills aim to remind us once more that there’s so much more to life than what our modern age revolves around with ‘So to clarify while you’re sat on your comfy chairs, there’s people like you and me, people we can’t see, not even on our TV, but then again ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is more important’, summing up the track’s message perfectly. Finally, While It Spins ends on an outro reminiscent of The Cure’s enchanting bass sound, giving you chills and making you reach for the repeat button.

Overall, While It Spins is a stunning release taking the band’s single releases up to number five. With yet another strong track in their arsenal, who knows what else they have in store for us this year!

Nervous Pills have recently been featured on the AF Gang (IDLES Community) website, chatting all things music and Sheffield with the group’s founder, Lindsay Melbournecheck it out here! 

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