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The Sickboy Method debut with ‘Terror’

Terror is the new debut single from punky 4-piece The Sickboy Method who are busy stamping their riotous mark on their local music scene. These guys, consisting of Jake (vocals), Jamie (guitar), Ben (bass) and Estelle (drums),  have already played sold-out shows in their hometown of Sheffield, alongside support stints in Liverpool, London, Manchester and Brighton. Finally, their much anticipated debut single is one set to stun – an unapologetically loud and powerful number that perfectly encapsulates a little slice of punk, and what the band is all about. 

The intro to this track is dark and moody, introducing an air of ominous tension, with the first note creating, as Super Hans would put it, ‘a powerful sense of dread’. Jake’s snarling vocals highlight the song’s primary focus with opening lyrics ‘one man’s terror, is another man’s freedom’, immediately touching upon the divisions that exist between different people and groups in society. As the track progresses, so does this metaphor, morphing into ‘one man’s cat flap, is another man’s glory hole’  projected over a steady, throbbing bassline reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine’s heavy tones.  

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The track’s slow and brooding verses are heavily contrasted with the fast, heavy tones that surround the chorus, before slowing to accommodate the verse once again. This composition of varying tempos make the track intriguing and unexpected, mirroring its overall theme and title ‘terror’, whilst reflecting the uneasy ride through its politically-charged lyrics. As well as touching upon issues of climate change with ‘planet’s getting warmer and there’s no grip’, the band have also drawn obvious inspiration from the likes of IDLES with lyrics such as ‘nobody’s an island’, conveying the sense of community and empathy that we all need to remember, especially in these uncertain times.

As well as being inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Royal Blood, the track successfully mirrors themes of anger and political uncertainty with a breakdown reminiscent of Heavy Lungs’ style. Uncontrolled guitars create a turbulent wall of noise as ‘terror’ echoes across the chaos of distortion, also providing us with some experimental Sonic Youth vibes.

Overall, Terror is a strong and engaging debut that manages to combine the band’s ethos of bringing love and anger together in music, through their unquestionable chemistry and passion. The Sickboy Method already have a few more releases in the pipeline and an even bigger year ahead of them – watch this space!

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