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Following the release of their track, ‘Football’, Scouse quartet, Courting had a chat with us regarding the endearing story behind their band’s name, their new release, live shows and more.

First of all, could you introduce yourselves, who you are, and what your roles are in the band?

We have Michael on guitar, Sam on bass, drummer Sean (Sean 1) and frontman Sean (Sean 2), who also plays guitar and some cowbell here and there.

How was Courting formed, and where did the name come from?

Sean 2’s Nan would always ask him if he’s courting anyone currently, and during the period of time when we were trying to think of a band name she asked him again. We thought it was pretty funny, and kinda cute, and now we’re all Courting.

Your latest release, ‘Football’, has been described as ‘a high energy tongue in cheek ode to the great British pass-time’, how was the experience of writing such a song, and how important was it for you to do so as locals to Liverpool with such a football centered culture?

I feel like growing up in Liverpool definitely influenced the subject matter of the song as you’re regularly exposed to football throughout your life, regardless of your level of interest. Yet, I feel as though football is omnipresent in British culture as a whole, we probably would’ve been able to write the same song coming from anywhere in the UK.

As well as an ‘ode to the community that the sport creates’, there also appears to be a deeper meaning to the track, ‘a criticism of people forcing their children into careers they don’t really enjoy’. Why did you think adding this dimension was important?

I think this separates the song, allowing it to be more than just a song about football. Growing up in England, it wasn’t hard to see parents trying to push football, or other careers on their children, trying to live out their own fantasies rather than letting their children do what they actually want to do. Despite being a short, fast paced song about football, we also wanted to add in that bit of depth behind it. 

Courting liverpool band

What were you listening to at the time of making the track as musical inspiration?

When I wrote the song it was about 3AM and I was listening to the first voxtrot EP on repeat and watching old Bob Ross episodes. Most of our music just comes randomly.

Do you have a favourite part about making a new song, writing it, experimenting with production, etc?

Being in a practice and throwing ideas at each other is always fun, bringing what’s in your head to life and having the others critique and smoothen out the edges. That’s what being in a band is all about, working together to produce music that you all enjoy. 

How excited are you to play the track live in Liverpool at your March show?

Incredibly. After the reception the song got at the last gig and the hype that’s building since then, we’re excited to play it at a time where everyone will know the words.

You’ve announced your Manchester debut! How excited are you that your horizon for playing shows seems to be expanding?

It’s fantastic. We love playing shows and getting the chance to play outside our hometown is a big opportunity and hopefully we’ll be able to do plenty more.

You’re known for your raucous live shows, including your support for Heavy Lungs. What do you reckon is the best show you’ve ever played, and what makes a good show?

We’ve played many great shows with many great bands, however our favourite was probably with Alfie Templemen and Sports Team in the Arts Club. It was the biggest venue we’ve played so far and the crowd was amazing, and when you have that reciprocation with the crowd it allows for a brilliant show. You can play every note perfectly at a show, but if the crowd isn’t feeling it, you’re not feeling it. 

What does 2020 hold for the band? Can we expect new music, new shows?

Announced so far we have the Castle in Manchester on February the 6th and headlining Phase One on March 28. But expect more shows, and more music.

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