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False Heads release new track ‘Rabbit Hole’ ahead of debut album

Rabbit Hole’ is the latest release by London’s post-punk trio, False Heads. Backed by Iggy Pop, Ex-Ramones Manager Danny Fields, Rodney Bingenheimer and Jack Saunders to name a few, the track’s release has been eagerly anticipated. It also marks a number of exciting pieces of news from the band. 

First is the announcement of the release of their debut album, ‘It’s All There, But You’re Dreaming‘! Due on 13th March, the album is synonymous with ‘maximum authenticity and passion’, not only presenting ‘a culmination of the last four years’ of their lives together as a band, but the ‘last ten’ individually. 

‘Rabbit Hole’ is set to be the debut’s closing track. It ‘holds no punches’ and, in short, sounds huge, treating us to an introduction reminiscent of that in Royal Blood’s ‘Figure It Out’, but with a darker edge. Being described as ‘one of their heaviest singles to date’, its ‘devastating guitar work’ takes centre stage. With the addition of ‘explosive drops’ and the band’s expert experimentation with tempo, the track has a ‘monstrous impact’, starkly juxtaposing their delicate, 2019 release, ‘Fall Around’, to demonstrate the sheer versatility of the 12-track project.  

The track’s lyrics are centred around the use of the ‘rabbit hole’ metaphor which refers to a confusing situation which is difficult to pull yourself out from. To achieve this, it begins ‘Back down the rabbit hole/All hide no seek’, delivered in a husky, shouted style, with the former line being repeated heavily throughout the song.

The track’s focus on the use of this metaphor makes a clear connection with the overall theme of the upcoming album. This ultimately concerns finding a way of ‘processing the external’ whereby it speaks of ‘depression, misery and addiction’ before reaching ‘bursts of optimism and individual joy’. Such darkness is mirrored through the track’s use of lyrics such as ‘seems like a mess to me’ and the need to ‘throw away all the baggage’ with ‘all hands slipping off the deck’, further alluding to the lack of control, felt when trapped down the ‘rabbit hole’

It’s safe to say the release of ‘Rabbit Hole’ has us curiously awaiting the release of the album. Joining ‘Fall Around’, as well as 5 overhauled well-known tracks, we sure have a lot to look forward to. This goes without mentioning that we’ve only a couple months to wait to hear five brand new tracks, with the addition of yet another announcement!

The band are set to make their SXSW debut in the US and will be going on a UK tour in March!  Described as ‘one of the best live bands in the world’ by Danny Fields, you’d be mad to miss out. 

Get your tickets now! 

13th-22nd March – SXSW, Austin, TX, USA

26th March – Castle & Falcon, Birmingham 

27th March – Record Junkee, Sheffield 

28th March – Off The Square, Manchester 

29th March – EBGBS, Liverpool

1st April – Garage Attic, Glasgow 

3rd April – Heartbreakers, Southampton

5th April – Latest Music Bar, Brighton 

6th April – Louisiana, Bristol

16th April – Werkhaus, London 

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