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courting liverpool band football single cover

Courting start of the decade strong with the release of ‘Football’

With it being a Sunday it means we have to select a single of the week here at WFM; which is always difficult because we’re spoilt for choice. This week has been no different with a lot to choose from. However we finally came to the decision to award it to Courting!

Courting are easily one of Liverpool’s hidden gems, deserving much more recognition for their fast paced post-punk magic. This can be heard on their latest release ‘Football’, which embodies what the band are all about. Drawing influence from american post-punker Parquet Courts, the band managed to keep and English twang to it, putting their own spin on the whole sound of it.

They’ve previously had success with SOTW (‘Not Yr Man’), but personally I feel that this is step ahead of that track. 2020 could be a rather important year for the band. After successes with single releases, it might be time to looking at the prospect of releasing something larger, an EP maybe?

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