Basement Club introduce themselves, ready for 2020 | Interview

Basement Club band playing live

Hiya guys, could you quickly introduce yourselves? Who you are, and how the band came to be formed?

Hello! We’re Basement Club, Rohan’s the frontman, Will’s on Lead Guitar, Mert’s the Bassist, Ollie’s on keys and Joe’s the drummer.

We’re from Swindon, based in Guildford and we all met at college apart from Ollie who we found on a night out on freshers.

Basement Club is certainly a great band name. Where did this come from?

Mert- I’d love to give you an interesting answer but realistically it’s straight ripped off Two Door Cinema Club, none of us have a basement either. 

I can see that you’ve recently welcomed a fifth member of the band in the form of what you’ve called ‘the smoothest synthesiser of them all’. How is your new addition fitting in, and how would you say this has changed the band?

Joe – I think everything sounds a lot bigger having Ollie there, we’d been trying out synths on our demos before he joined and after one night out on freshers we’d acquired a synth player. 

Your most recent track, ‘Late Night Feeling’, was released on 11th October. What were you listening to at the time as inspiration for the track’s creation?

Will – Definitely Bombay Bicycle Club, everyday of the week. 

In so many words, how would you sum up what ‘Late Night Feeling’ is about?

Rohan – I think it’s one of those that doesn’t have a profound meaning, it’s something that I think everyone’s felt and been through in their own way. 

Late Night Feeling’ fits in nicely with your back catalogue, creating a lovely, cohesive discography. When writing and getting your tracks out, do you feel there is usually a constant sound or theme you keep coming back to, and is this evident in you newest release?

Mert – Going into recording I think we really wanted the opposite vibe that Talk had, I think this time we really tried to strip back the verses and push a bigger chorus, a lot of work went into making this sound like new territory for us and I think we’re all happy with how it came out.

Do you have a favourite show you’ve played this year, and if so, why?

Rohan – I think way back at the start of the [last] year when we did VicFest in Swindon, that was the first time we really realised that people had come to see us.

I can see you played Truck Festival last year. Headline or festival crowds?

Will – Yeah we still can’t believe we played Truck this year it was an unreal experience. I’d have to say a headline show, there’s nothing better than seeing a room full of people who are dancing to your tunes, can’t beat it. 

Who should we be listening to right now?

Ollie – Where do we start? well, recently we’ve been listening to a load of different stuff. Sam Fenders new album is insane, Foals just got number 1 on a cracking album too but I think one of our favourites are from our mates All Ears Avow with their newest single. 

Any new music on the horizon?

Mert – Apart from a couple gigs coming up we’re sticking to writing and rehearsing. We’ve also been in the studio constantly over the past couple months so keep your eyes open for some new music alongside some big news that we’re eager to share with you!

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