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Kid Violet sex on drugs single cover

Kid Violet release new track ‘Sex on Drugs’!

Kid Violet kind of came onto our radar as a bit of a wild card – but who can ignore a band with ‘London’s first barbershop quintent’ in their bio? Far from waist coats and safe playing lyrics from that era, the Kids have sucker punched us with ‘Sex On Drugs’… and now we’re a little addicted. 

Billy Cotter’s vocals are warm, gritty and the same sort of sexy you’d feel at three whiskies deep. He’s forlorn and frustrated over a cocky bassline that implies an even bigger stage presence. His lyrics are husky, and flirt their way around an impressively honest story: ‘I’d let you break my back… but we can’t break up.’

This track sounds like waking up from another night that got out of hand. It seemed like a good idea at the first vodka soda, but now you’ve woken up with a dry mouth and a head full of regret. Kid Violet are trying to kick a habit and want to remind us that staying in the same situation (or the same bed) just because it’s familiar is pretty toxic. 

‘Sex On Drugs’ doesn’t follow your typical verse-chorus-verse structure. There’s a hazy, morning-after esque introduction into a ridiculously tastey hook: ‘Why d’you only call me when your boyfriend’s home? / Rather keep him guessing than be on your own / Got your parents’ blessin but they got no clue / Swore I’d never end up with someone like you.’ 

It could be said that that’s not exactly a new message. And yet Kid Violet have found a way to sneak around the cliché and sound genuine. It’s likely because they’ve taken the first two minutes to tell us why they’re so tired and unrequited before heading into typical song writing territory. It’s fresh and it’s a bit brilliant.

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