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Which artists should you be looking out for this year?

The Clause birmingham band

The Clause

Last year was a key year for Birmingham band The Clause, 2018 already seemed like a stellar year but the release of ‘In My Element’ just took the band into another Universe. Hearing their music live, you can see what excitement starts brewing around each track as crowds turn into a wave of madness and emotion to see a band like this grow in front of their eyes.Their sound just seems destined for the biggest stages, as things just keeps getting better for Birmingham’s sharpest band. 2020 won’t know what hit it.

the lathums band

The Lathums

Following in the footsteps of ‘The Verve’, four piece Wigan band, ‘The Lathums’ are gaining more popularity and more success with each song they release and with obvious inspiration from ‘The Smiths’ and mentions of ‘John Lennon’, it is obvious to see why. Each song is filled with meaningful and simply beautiful lyrics accompanied by powerful vocals and brilliant melodies of the instruments. Even though they currently only have six songs released, they have a strong social media backing which I think will make them go far as well as their clear love for making these tunes.

two day coma band

Two Day Coma

From the four walls of their bedroom, Two Day Coma saw their first full-length album released in 2019. The album, ‘A Certain Shade of Blue’, was completely self made, and completely original to other sounds that we’ve heard time and time again. Two Day Coma have found the perfect mix of harmony and instruments, with emotive lyrics making them the perfect band to accompany you when you need to take a minute and have a pause. The album managed to catch the attention of BBC Introducing and 6Music, setting their ambitions for 2020 even higher than the last. Watch this space!

wych elm band

Wych Elm

Lots of young bands have been revisiting grunge sounds over the last few years, but Bristol’s Wych Elm stand out as doing something different with the genre while sticking to its unmistakable mood. With an ever-so-slightly morbid fascination with the macabre, airy vocals and short, obsessive tunes, some memorable bass lines, and a distinctive stage presence, they are channeling the disquiet of our times in a clever and personal way. They’re a hard working band who delivers a darker, more intimate kind of live show, at the intersection of gothic and grunge.

walt disco band

Walt Disco

It might seem a bit too obvious to evoke Adam and the Ants when addressing the style and sound of Walt Disco, but this young Glaswegian band does much more than just call back to New Wave and the New Romantics. Their presentation has the same kind of unrepentant flourish as the many-layered sound of their music, and they have a bold, cocky stage presence that demands the audience’s attention. Add lavish vocals, a robust rhythm section and a suggestion of electronica to the mix and you’ll get one of the most refreshing new voices on the British music scene.

sugarthief band


After releasing their debut EP ‘I Before E’ EP last year, Sugarthief have just gone from strength to strength. Supporting the likes of Swim Deep and JAWS in their hometown of Birmingham, as well as playing to a number of sold out venues. There’s rumblings they’ve been back in the studio and if this is the case – keep your ears at the ready.

sam tompkins

Sam Tompkins

Sam Tompkins is one of the most inspirational artists of our time and he deserves this year to be his year. Starting his career by busking locally, Sam’s worked his way up the musical hierarchy, never losing who he truly is. With a vast vocal range and an incredible talent for song-writing, Tompkins uses his music as an emotional outlet, warming the hearts of many with emotional tracks that listeners can resonate with.



22-year-old GIRLI has spent the last 5 years developing a unique approach to pop music and building a sound that is entirely hers. Positivity and self love are at the heart of her tracks, yet GIRLI isn’t ashamed of showing her followers her down days either. Her track Not That Girl became TikTok famous and recently hit 1 million streams, and her debut LP isn’t doing too bad either! She’ll help you unleash your inner fire, what are you waiting for? Get listening!

King No One Band Performing Live
HJC Photography (@doofluffle)

King No-One

It feels like a bit of an understatement saying the new decade belongs to King No-One. They closed the end of last year with yet another sold out show in their home-town, following relentless touring success throughout the year.

March saw the release of their debut and self-funded EP ‘Out Of My Mind’ and it changed the way the UK looked at independent artists. It was three boys from North Yorkshire bringing the same sound quality, aesthetics and hard working perfection that should have left artists in the Top 40 wanting to up their game.  2019 was theirs, and in true King No-One fashion they made it feel like we were right there with them. 2020 mightn’t be big enough for what they have planned.

lauran hibberd musician

Lauran Hibberd

Having supported Hippo Campus and The Regrettes, Lauran Hibberd is now firmly making a name for herself as one of the most exciting indie artists about at the moment.  The Isle of Wight singer makes pop-infused bangers, with her debut EP Everything Is Dogs showcasing a few of her best. She’s developed a committed fanbase on the South Coast, in no small part due to her naturally humorous and good-natured persona at gigs, all excited to see where the slacker-pop newcomer goes next. 

biig piig musician
Photo by Daniel Harris

Biig Piig

Chilled, alternative neo-soul, Biig Piig (Jess Smyth to her mates) makes music for Sunday mornings and low-key evenings. From Ireland by way of Spain and London, she spans style and language, incorporating Spanish into her genre-hopping compositions. Her three EPs run the gamut from soul to electronic as she puts her smooth vocals on top of mellow beats. And she got her stage name from a pizza menu – relatable, much?

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