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Track From New Reading Trio is Single of the Week

It’s a new year, and with it comes new artists to champion. We might be feeling disillusioned with the state of things right now, we’re getting some bloody good music out of the frustration. Yes, indie-punk three-piece Hester and the Heathens haven’t been about long. However, their new single ‘Regenerate‘ feels like the perfect antidote in 2020 Britain.

Early contender for relatable lyric of the year comes from vocalist Hester Youngman. Capturing the Gen Z zeitgeist singing; ‘I was bored out of my head/I don’t know if I’m awake or I’m in bed‘.

The fuzzy chorus of ‘I want to regenerate/Regenerate’ suggests a couple of glances at seminal grunge classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, by way of Honeyblood and INHEAVEN.

It starts in a relatively calm fashion, but don’t be deceived. ‘Regenerate‘ is a fireball of attitude and spirit. Its relentless pulsating drums and killer riffs make it a memorable, emphatic track.

They succeed in combining the apathy of grunge and the energy of punk. Hester and the Heathens are just the band we need to help us through these trying times.

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