Ivory Wave – ‘Dream Nights’ | EP Review

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Birmingham’s Ivory Wave releases debut EP Dream Nights

Birmingham band Ivory Wave have been circulating a hefty buzz for some time. Their live shows are euphoric, their swagger is infectious and their music is a constant vibe. So when they announced their debut EP, it’s not hard to understand why it had grabbed attention.

So their live shows are tasty, what about their music standing alone? The Dream Nights EP simply proves Ivory Wave aren’t just a live experience, they are to be enjoyed no matter what. ‘The Middle’ has that larger than life feeling, setting the EP to off to a confident start as connotations of Happy Mondays spiral around the track.

The EP continues this wave with ‘Uptown’, which was released ahead of the EP. Even after spending some time with this song before the release, I enthusiastic to listen to it again. This has a club feel to it, where you could envisage a crowd of people elevating themselves off the floor in adoration for the song. ‘Pale Moonight’ is a dark horse for track of the EP, with the subtle use of the synth and choppy guitars it stands tall.

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George’s vocals are consistent throughout the whole release, and plays a huge part of Ivory Wave’s overall sound. A lot of bands could have interchangeable vocalists because they sound so similar to everyone else, whereas George wields a unique vibe in his tone which sits perfectly with their music

Weigh Me Down’ offers another heavy blow as they once again deliver a strong song after three previous bangers. The funky beat is much like it’s predecessors which is what the band are so good at bringing. At the forefront of the track you have an anthemic “Na na na na na”, which is just so inviting.

Often in releases like this, you have a slow track to bring it all to a close which is what ‘Young Blood’ does. Showing a slightly different side to the band with the slower pace, it still encapsulates their club-like sound just with the breaks on. The breakdown and the harmonies at the end really bring it to worthy close, which should leave the band happy with this release.


Following Ivory Wave for so long, it make this EP all the more special. Bands in Birmingham are doing some national-recognition worthy work, and releases like this just further push that point. This is only the start for Ivory Wave as they have so much more in their arsenal, and 2020 could prove another important year for the band.

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