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Talk More release New Track ‘From Roasline’

Talk More’s third single comes as their most anticipated- there’s no doubt about that. The achievement of creating a fan favourite months before any promise of a single drop isn’t one to be overlooked.

From the get-go, Talk More have been championing gender equality and making female voices louder on the independent music scene. It makes sense, then, that ‘From Rosaline ‘ is Daisy Allen’s most confident vocal performance as part of the group yet. Daisy’s successful solo past catches up with her as she fronts one of the most important bands of 2019 – and her narrative is equal parts soft and sultry as it is demanding. And we are absolutely living for it.

The audio platform the boys have made to support her is nothing short of dreamy. There’s a lot of guitar work that’s heavy withouth being angsty, and that compliments the fact no element of the track competes with the other. What makes the well thought out, well executed melody even sweeter is that there’s been a clear collaborative effort for each component to sound as good as the last.

The song just sounds like it gives a toss about how it’s going to be received, and isn’t that even more special from a band who’s made it from scratch. ‘From Rosaline’ is a modern twist on a life long lesson – messages never change and hearts consistently make the same mistakes. 

It’s going to pull on your heart strings. TalkMore have been blessed with the ability to crawl right to that part of your soul you thought you’d put to bed, and this is three minutes of tuneful reflection of the girl guiding your moral compass who you left for someone more attainable… and now your heart is reminding you you’re a bloody fool and the grass just ain’t as green as you thought.

Your original girl (you could call her Rosaline) is having none of your remorseful shit, either. ‘Romeo, o Romeo… what are you playing at? You made your choice and it’s not in my bed. Juliette’s waiting and I’ve got these intense, intriguing songs to write. On your bike babe.’

You’ve got a solid fifteen seconds of an outro to assess the situation this smasher leaves you in. You’ll have goosebumps, you’ll be all up in your feelings and more over, you’ll be searching for everything you can find about TalkMore. 

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