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Bright Orange Spectacle do not struggle to communicate in their new track

2019 has been a year of bleak, dreary events. However, new band Bright Orange Spectacle change this, and the band are a light of hope that are shining through the dark. Being only their second single, ‘I Struggle to Communicate’ is an impressively rich sounding record, following the lead from their previous track ‘She Could Get Better’. The layers of music sound infinite as every second is filled – whether that being the keyboard, drums or talking – it’s an upbeat, refreshing song. 

Lyrically, the song is a masterpiece in itself. The band address modern issues about current situations, and frontman Charlie Sinclair says the track is simply ‘a reaction to my own ignorance’ and that the song is an attempt to address the pressures bands face about making the correct political statement. Who knew that tackling such heavy issues could sound as good as Bright Orange Spectacle make it, as the engaging lyrics run parallel to an even more engaging soundtrack. Standard electric guitars giving a gritty undertone are decorated with flourishing keyboards and echoing harmonies. 

Bright Orange Spectacle prove that, through music, they really can communicate. 

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