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The Assist release ‘I Don’t Care’ ahead of Christmas

‘I Don’t Care’ is the latest release by Birmingham pop rockers, The Assist. The release has already been well received, with This Feeling naming the single their track of the day and BBC Introducing West Midlands claiming ‘a lot of people are tipping The Assist for big things in 2020 and rightly so’. Following such commendations and the band’s recent Rough Trade gig with RATS, the boys have also managed to pull a sold-out support slot with The Clause at the end of this month, providing yet another chance to hear the track live and in full form. 

Through its highly catchy tune, alongside a slight experimentation with tempo at its closure, the youthful sounds of the track really shine through. Amongst its production, Mikey Stanton’s, blunt, Brummie accent never fails to push into the foreground to give the groove packed track that added edge. 

Musically, the track appears to be highly inspired, most obviously exuding a ‘cool Wombats – meets – Happy Mondays vibe’. But, the track also appears to feature elements of Foster The People, No Hot Ashes, and The Stone Roses, particularly ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Made of Stone’, especially evident in the track’s driving, rolling bassline.

Lyrically, the track centres on a relationship that’s run its course and is met with disinterest by those involved. But, while the tracks semantic content circles round a lack of fun and care, Mikey spitting, ‘I can’t stand this relationship/Is it wrong that I just don’t care?’, this is not mimicked sonically, ‘jumping into an infectious chorus and plucky, funky guitar riffs’. Instead, its forward moving, joyous production offers an outlet for all anguish and uncertainty to be let out with the repetition of ‘I don’t care’, providing the ‘perfect intersection between danceable and moshable’. 

So it’s safe to say that while the Brummie rockers don’t appear to care, we definitely care about them. Crowned as ‘one of the UK’s most established underground groups’, we’re suddenly filled with regret and jealousy aimed at those lucky enough to have grabbed tickets to see them with The Clause in Birmingham on the 21st. 

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